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About Us

He eats prices. It's what he does.

And boy, does he have a hearty appetite. Cigar Monster wakes up, sharpens his teeth, and gets down to business…because the Monster is hell-bent on saving you money. And from the confines of his cage, he dictates extreme discounts on cigars and accessories, one deal at a time. Deals change at his sole discretion, and are valid only while supplies last. We suggest you check back frequently. Failure to do so could have…disastrous consequences.

Transactions MUST be completed by 11:59:59 ET (according to our servers) in order to receive Monster pricing.

P.S. No Requests. No Rain checks. No Whining. No Exceptions.

Send the CigarMonster an email. CigarMonster promises to read, mock, and respond to it whenever the mood strikes him.

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